Roles in Silva

There are 4 different types of roles in Silva:

  1. Manager - all members of the Web Services team and Silva Support are Managers.
  2. Chief Editor - each Silva publication (website) will have at least one Chief Editor who is responsible for the website and its contents  - see Chief Editor responsibilities
  3. Editor - an Editor can edit and publish.
  4. Author - an Author can edit but not publish.

For an Author to request approval, both Chief Editor(s) and Author(s) will need to have set their User Settings!

Authors request approval in the 'publish' tab which will then automatically send an email to all the Chief Editors of the site asking to approve and publish.

Example of message from an Author to a Chief Editor:

Message from: xxxxnba (email: Approval requested

Object: Schemes of award

Approval was requested by xxxxnba.
The version has a proposed publication date of 18 nov 2011 15:50