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We are now in the third year of a four-year project to replace the end-of-life Silva with a more robust, flexible and scalable product built in Drupal which is tailored to UCL needs.

Visit our project page for background information on Drupal, its benefits and why we are replacing the current CMS:

Beta service roll-out

The first UCL sites in Drupal are now live: 

We also worked with a digital agency who designed and developed a new site for UCL Culture:

Three more beta sites will be the next to move to Drupal by August 2017:

  • School of Slavonic and Eastern European Studies
  • Institute of Ophthalmology
  • UCL Global

The sites will all be migrated using our automated migration script that lifts content from Silva and puts it into Drupal. 

After this point several more sites will be launched in Drupal in the autumn term including:

  • UCL News
  • Current Students
  • Human Resources

Working closely with the editors of the above websites has allowed us to build, test and improve the CMS functionality and migration script and we will take a similar approach to future site migrations especially during the next few months. This allows us to:

  • Respond to editor feedback on the user interface and functionality
  • Build or adapt only the functionality needed for the sites in question 
  • Determine the most efficient and sustainable approach to functionality releases, creating layouts, managing changes
  • Improve the quality and performance of the migration script from Indigo to Drupal (meaning less work for content editors)
  • Refine support documentation and define our service

Moving all Silva sites to Drupal

From September 2017, Digital Presence will focus on migrating the rest of UCL's Silva sites to Drupal. The Digital Presence team will use the policy on prioritising projects (pdf) to plan development and migration. The readiness of editors to move is also an important factor. We will publish further detail on the timeline and process in due course. 

We have already contacted site owners regarding any site migrations to take place immediately after the beta phase ends August.

Service transition

We will continue to support and maintain Silva, and provide training for new editors, for existing Silva sites until all sites are migrated to Drupal. However, we have started to phase out new development in Silva. Users can still request a new Indigo sandbox site for new websites.

Before a Silva site can be migrated to Drupal it MUST be using Indigo Silva. Please visit our Indigo page to find out more about the benefits of Indigo and book your move:

Indigo Silva

Drupal features and FAQs

Here are answers to some of your most frequently asked questions. Full details of Drupal functionality and our feature roadmap are on the features page:

Drupal features

Will there be training for Drupal?
I have a non-standard site, will my site look different when we move to Drupal?
Can we have our own installation of Drupal and then merge it with ISD's version?
If we have a Drupal expert in our department, can they work with you to improve our website?
In terms of search, will Drupal be an improvement?
Can we have search on an individual site?
What features will be available in Drupal?
Will there be a cost in moving to Drupal?
When will Silva be decommisioned?