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Find out about the advice and assistance available to enable you to optimise your UCL website. Enable sharing and collaboration by using wikis and blogs, and download UCL's mobile app for students. Also, learn about and get help with the MySQL database service.


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Website building service

Discover how Web & Mobile Services can help you with your UCL website.  Full design agency services are available covering everything from user research and information architecture to design, development and search engine optimisation advice.


Download the UCLGo! mobile app for students to get access to campus maps, staff contact details, library loans, your timetable and much more.

Website requests

Find out how to request help with building a new website or redesigning a website, the process for getting web space and who to ask about domain names.


Share your advice, thoughts and opinions by requesting a blog using the UCL blogging service.


Enable collaboration with peers, colleagues or team members by requesting a wiki using the UCL wiki service.

Silva CMS and training

Find out more about the Silva CMS, see the dates when training is available, find manuals and demos, and check out our drop-in sessions.

Personal Web pages at UCL

Create personal web pages at UCL for staff and students.
There is no support available for this except drop-in organised by ISD IT Training.

MySQL databases

Create, administer and get assistance with your MySQL database.

Help & Self-service resources

Web & Mobile Services blog to keep up-to-date-with all things web; tips, tricks and more!

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