UCL Information Services Division



General information on RPS

What is the Research Publications Service?
What is the data in RPS used for?
Who owns the data held in RPS?
Which browsers can I use with RPS?
Are there any other systems which use RPS data?
Someone has changed my data. Why?
Can I add a photo to my RPS profile?
Can I edit the information in my profile?

Login problems

I can't log in - my userid isn't recognised. What can I do?

Open Access requirements

Why am I being prompted to deposit full text?
How can I deposit my full text in UCL Discovery?
Why has the file I deposited in RPS disappeared?

Search settings for harvesting publication details

Which Datasources are searched by RPS?
What do I do if the imported data is incorrect?
I have too many pending publications - most of them aren't mine. How can I change my search settings?
The online search hasn't found all my publications. How can I change my search settings?
I often publish under a different name. How can I add that name to my search settings?
How do I include items published before I was at UCL?
Can I use my ResearcherID to retrieve my publications?
How do I increase Open Access content using the ‘Upload a file from an external source’ option?

Maintaining publications

I have just received an email from RPS what do I do?
How do I change a Publication Type?
How do I make a publication favourite?
Can I add Grants or link Grants to Publications in RPS?
What is the Reporting Date?
My publications aren't being sorted by date order. How can this be fixed?

RPS data in external systems and web pages

Are there any other systems which use RPS data?
How do I embed my publications or departmental publication in a web page?
I have just added/ updated a publication in RPS but the details are not showing in my Web page/IRIS/UCL Discovery/etc.
How do I prevent publications being displayed on public web pages/systems?
How to add your ORCID ID to RPS


How do I allow someone else to update my publications data?
How do I get access as an Administrator so that I can run reports and manage publications for my department?
I have the Statistician role. How do I access reports?
How do I find staff in my department with pending publications?