UCL Information Services Division


print@UCL Troubleshooting & Common Issues

General known issues

At the print@UCL device

These are issues that you may experience using the Multi-function Device (MFD) or printer when using the service.

Unable to print / see your print job on the device
View Active Jobs message displayed on MFD
Scan to email - email address not appearing
USB Printing & Scan to USB not working
Printing onto letter headed paper, labels or card
Card Reader doesn't recognise my card
Message: Login failed - Still executing print jobs, please try again later
"Please Wait" message when swiping card
Login Screen constantly shows green bar after attempting authentication
Resources Required Warning
Common PDF Problems

At your computer

These are issues that you may experience from your computer when using the service.

Print job not displayed under pull print
Documents not printed out as expected?
Keep having to re-enter your user ID and password?

Troubleshooting by device