Information Services Division


Admin systems training

ISD provides online and classroom training as well as documentation and support for a range of Administrative Systems used at UCL.



Online training available on Moodle, UCL's Virtual Learning Environment.



Classroom-based training. See the UCL Training Booking System for dates.


Student Systems: Portico and DeMISt Admissions

Note: Before undertaking any training on Portico it is vital that your Head of Department has requested the appropriate access level on your behalf.


Computer Based Training is available for the basic functions of Portico including:

  • Navigating Student Data
  • Maintaining Module and Programme Data
  • Web Mark Entry
  • Reporting
  • Data Protection Act (Required)

To access the CBT materials for Portico, log into Moodle and select 'Student Systems'from the 'My Courses' list. If you cannot see the course listed please contact is-courses {at} ucl.ac.uk.

Are you accessing these courses for the first time? Please read the instructions for accessing CBT materials via Moodle.


Classroom training is available at certain times of the year for the following:

  • Portico Module Registrations & Approval
  • Portico Assessments & Awards

In order to attend either of the Portico courses you must complete the Portico Computer Based Training pre-requisites prior to attending. The Portico course page contains details of these pre-requisites and the course outlines. Please see the UCL Training Booking System for scheduled dates.

Refresher sessions: In addition to the full classroom training, refresher sessions on Portico Module Registration and Assessments & Awards are also held - these are hour-long demonstrations and no booking is required.

Training on the Portico/SITS client/server version is available for members of staff in the Registry and Faculty offices. Training is usually organised on an ad-hoc basis so please contact is-courses {at} ucl.ac.uk to make a request.

Updated DeMIST Documentation for Access 2010

A guide to using DeMIST with Access 2010 has been produced and can be downloaded here. All DeMist functionality works as expected in Access 2010 with minor changes in the operation of the database involving the new ribbon interface.

Timetabling Systems: CMIS

Please visit the Timetabling Training and Workshops page for details of courses or contact cmis-support@ucl.ac.uk

Finance Systems: FIS


ISD have created online training materials for FIS, covering:

  • FIS Navigation
  • FIS i-Procurement

Within Moodle, the FIS courses can be found under "Staff and Student Resources".

Training on FIS is provided by the FIS Team within the Finance Division. To access the courses within Moodle you will need an enrolment key which can be obtained from the FIS Helpdesk. Please see the FIS Training page for more details.

HR Systems: ROME


Computer Based Training for Recruitment Online - Made Easy (ROME), is available via Moodle. It can be accessed from the HR Systems course.

Please see the ROME Training page for more details.

Estates and Facilities:

Records Office System


Computer Based Training on the Records Office System is available via the TutorLibrary site. You must be registered as a TutorLibrary user before you can access this course. Please see the CBT Help page for more details on how to register and access training materials on TutorLibrary.

Radioactive Substances System


A two-part classroom based course is available for users of RSS. Part one covers procedures in the web interface such as stock and aliquoting. In part two emphasis is on working with Oracle forms and covers amongst other things, bins and allocation.

Research Systems:

Research Publications Service


Online training materials for the new Research Publications Service are available via Moodle.

Documentum (Electronic Document & Records Management - EDRM)


Classroom courses are arranged on an ad-hoc basis. Departments who are about to use Documentum will be contacted prior to the time that the service will be rolled out there in order to establish the specific training requirements. If you are a new member of staff in a department that is already using Documentum then please contact edrm-support@ucl.ac.uk to arrange for some 1-2-1 training.

The content of the Documentum courses will be tailored to the department's needs but a typical Documentum Navigation course will include:

  • Navigating Documentum
  • Creating and importing documents in Documentum
  • Check-in/check-out and versioning
  • Searching
  • Connecting to Documentum from MS Word using the application connectors