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All UCL staff and students are provided with storage space backed up every night. Collaboration tools are also available to help communication amongst staff and students.

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About the current filestore

At UCL we refer to file storage by the relevant drive letter name

N Drive: available for all staff and students

O Drive: for staff only

S Drive: collaboration file store area for staff

Other collaboration tools for staff and students

You can save your work using other devices check our guides for using CD and USB media

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Migration to the new filestore

All UCL staff and students will be upgraded to at least 50GB personal file storage.

When will this be available?
How will I know when I am going to be migrated?
What happens to my existing file store?
What will happen on the migration date?
I already have an allocation of more than 50GB what happens to me?
Will I have to reconnect my drives to get access to the file store?
How will I find my files following migration?
Members of the School of Life and Medical Sciences (SLMS)
Where do I go if I need help?

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File Storage and Sharing News and Related Information

What did you want? - “More storage” When are you getting it? - “Now! ”

Good news from Information Services Division. All UCL staff and students will be upgraded to 50GB of personal storage on the network. Plenty for all your data needs for the near future and a vast increase from what most of you currently have. With more than 40,000 accounts to upgrade, migration to the new filestore will take a while; we will be migrating groups of users together at a time.

Published: Feb 18, 2015 2:57:22 PM