UCL Information Services Division


Replacing the UCL CMS and what it means for your websites

8 March 2016

UCL’s Content Management System, Silva, is at the end of its life and provides an outmoded and non-intuitive user interface.

Silva will soon be replaced with a Drupal implementation that will be used by the Digital Presence team to build websites for a range of organisational units and provide content editors with intuitive tools for managing websites.

All sites that are currently in Silva will be moved to the new system from this autumn. Find out more about the benefits of the new CMS and what the project means for your website and the staff who manage it.

Digital Presence

Digital Presence is the new name for Web & Mobile Services in ISD as this more closely reflects the team’s holistic approach to providing the best digital experience for all users.

The team offers a website-building and management service to the whole of UCL, providing advice and assistance on all aspects of websites and web interfaces, from user experience and content management, through design and development, to ongoing support and maintenance. 

Digital Communications

The service offered by Digital Presence complements the work of Digital Communications in the Communications and Marketing office. Digital Communications is part of the central UCL Communications team.

It runs several central corporate websites as well as social media and multimedia to maintain and develop the reputation and profile of UCL as a world-leading organisation.