UCL Information Services Division


Research Data Storage: bigger and better

6 December 2017

The Research Data Storage Service has completed a major upgrade, making an additional 2.76 petabytes available for UCL’s research data. In addition, the service now provides a CIFS presentation – an oft-requested feature that gives users the ability to mount their project’s storage space as a network drive on their local machines.

To provide the additional 2.76PB of storage, the expansion project saw 5.52PB worth of hard disks installed at the VIRTUS data centre in Slough as the high-performance GPFS storage duplicates data across disks for extra resilience and higher access speeds.

Having been at full capacity for over a year, GPFS storage will now be the default option for new users of RDS and the team will be giving existing users the option of moving their data over from the alternative object storage (WOS) system, which is best used for storing large amounts of unstructured data.

Another new development is the introduction of tape backup for the new storage, which will provide an additional layer of resilience beyond the existing 2-site mirrored architecture.

To find out more about RDS and apply for storage space for your research project, see the RITS website.