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Customised support for UCL from DMPonline

2 November 2017

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DMPOnline is a free tool which helps researchers to develop data management plans in accordance with funders' requirements by providing templates and step by step guidance. Thanks to the Research Data Management team in UCL Library Services, DMPOnline now includes customised guidance for UCL researchers with information on local infrastructure, policies and support services.

An increasing number of funders are requiring data management plans as part of funding applications. These plans can be a useful way for researchers to anticipate potential issues and for deciding how to manage and share data effectively; however, it can be difficult for researchers to know what to include in a plan. Identifying funder policies, local infrastructure and other relevant information can be time consuming. DMPOnline helps researchers develop data management plans by providing templates for all of the major funding bodies, with accompanying guidance notes for each section of the plan. Plans can also be shared with collaborators and exported in a variety of different formats.

The Research Data Management team in UCL Library Services have worked in collaboration with colleagues from RITS and other support services at UCL to develop a customized version of DMPOnline. When researchers sign in using UCL credentials they will see customised guidance which includes information on local infrastructure, policies and support services. This should make it easier for researchers to focus on the important considerations within their data management plans rather than spending their time searching for information on UCL resources.

You can find more information on data management plans and DMPOnline on the Library’s Research Data Management webpage.