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Eduroam Certificate Renewal

Publication date:

Eduroam new cert

Following the renewal of the eduroam certificate, some apple devices (iOS and Mac OS X) are prompting to accept the new certificate.

O: drive filestore outage: 8.30am - 11.30am, Wednesday 16th July

Publication date:

The O: drive will be unavailable from 8.30am - 11.30am on Wednesday 16th July whilst the firmware is upgraded. The O: drive should also be considered 'at risk' for the rest of the day.

Moodle Upgrade News - 7th July

Publication date:

The Moodle Upgrade is now complete and live Moodle has been restored to service. The 13/14 Moodle snapshot is available at

For information on the upgrade and details on changes please visit

If you encounter any issues please contact

Thank you for your patience
E-Learning Environments

Gameover Zeus Virus

Publication date:

 You may have heard through national news about the Gameover Zeus virus. This malware is a real issue and has been for some time. The good news is that the computers which this particularly nasty malware relies upon have been temporarily disrupted.

UPDATED - MySQL Database Server outage *CANCELLED*

Publication date:

The below mentioned MySQL outage will NOT be taking place as we have been advised that the SAN firmware upgrades will not be affecting the MySQL servers.
For any questions or clarification please contact

Increase in Spam Volume - Tuesday 27th May 2014

Publication date:

It has been brought to our attention that over the Bank Holiday weekend, there was a spam attack from an Amazon machine that used two hacked accounts and a number of UCL email accounts to send out spam messages. Users may have noticed a high volume in the amount of mail delivery failed messages reaching their email accounts.

The advice we recommend is to set up email filter rules to redirect these messages either into the 'Deleted' folder or another folder in OWA or your email client. More information on how to do this can be found  at

Our email administrators are working closely with the UCL Computer Security team to monitor this situation.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused. Please continue to report any issues to the ISD Service Desk.

Internet Explorer 6 not Compatible with UCL Home Page

Publication date:

To all Staff WTS 2000 and Cluster WTS users:  please be aware that Internet Explorer version 6 is not compatible with the UCL home page which uses HTML 5.  This may also affect other web sites running HTML 5. The application will freeze while trying to load HTML 5 coded pages.

Staff WTS 2000
Users of Staff WTS 2000 who have their home page set to are advised to change it to an alternative site, such as the ISD home page . Staff can change their default home page under Start > Settings > Control Panel > Internet Options. This will open the internet properties window, within the general tab,  under home page, type the full web site address e.g. and click apply.

Cluster WTS
Users of Cluster WTS can not change their home page in IE6. They are therefore encouraged to use an alternative browser (firefox) or move to the  Desktop@ucl Anywhere service. ISD will investigate the possibility of setting everyone’s home page to the ISD page which is compatible with IE6.

If you require further assistance please contact the ISD Servicedesk.

UPDATED - MySQL Central Database Password Storage Format Change

Publication date:

Further to the communication below, due to unforeseen circumstances, we have not been able to deliver the password reset details towards the end of May. We are currently  re-planning the change and will come back to you again within the next couple of months

Genuine Microsoft Prompt On Managed WTS and ADS Machines

Publication date:

pic 1

Please be aware customers using WTS Managed PC and ADS Managed PC service may be prompted for with the following Microsoft validation prompt stating "the copy of windows did not pass genuine windows validation". The prompt should have no impact on the performance of the pc.

Java 7 Update 51 - Access to ISD Services affected: update - 13th March 

Publication date:

Access to a number of ISD services has been affected following a recent update of Java 7 to update 51. We have identified the following workarounds for the services affected:-

RSS feeds for ISD News

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Take feeds for the ISD News site.

The IS News site has been set up to enable items to be classified under a number of different categories, each of which has a designated RSS feed associated with it. This means that you can take feeds for the areas that you wish to keep informed about, and omit any that don't interest you.

ADS Service news

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Eduroam Certificate Renewal

Following the renewal of the eduroam certificate, some apple devices (iOS and Mac OS X) are prompting to accept the new certificate. More...


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