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MATLAB Licence Expiry Notices

If you have a copy of MATLAB installed on your computer then you will receive expiry prompts informing you that you have about 58 days to update the licence. This is normal. Information Services Division (ISD) has now renewed the licence for MATLAB for a further three years, but you may need to take the following action depending on how you access MATLAB:

Mediacentral is now live

UCL MediaCentral - your UCL media content hosted by UCL, for UCL.

MediaCentral is a brand new service for all UCL Staff and Students supported and delivered by ISD. This new service complements UCL Communications promotional channels such as UCLTV on YouTube and UCL SoundCloud and is delivered through a "YouTube" style interface, allowing you to add video and embed this into UCL web pages, social media channels and most importantly UCL Moodle - the universities' VLE (Virtual Learning Environment). It is intended to be a rich source of media to enhance learning, teaching, research and promotional activities.

ISD piloting out of hours support for key services

UCL staff and students are making increasing use of many IT services outside normal office hours and so ISD is just about to pilot extended support for key services. This will extend support until 23:00 on weekdays and from 09:00 to 20:00 at the weekend, bank holidays and closure days. Normally few problems occur with IT services in the evening or at weekends but this extra support will mean we’re better able to reinstate services as soon as possible if problems do occur.