DVD and Video Services

We offer a number of video and sound recording services.

DVD & video production

Health Creatives boasts a full multimedia suit and broadcast-quality cameras, perfect for video productions. We are also able to supply a complete service, which includes: filming; editing; packaging; labeling; and, distribution of DVDs entirely in-house.

The process of producing a DVD can be quite daunting at first, but the experience can be much easier and more rewarding if sufficient time and thought goes into the planning stages. Please call us to talk through your requirements.

Podcast production

We are able to produce audio and video podcasts; these are an ideal medium to convey patient information or training, which can then be downloaded onto mobile phones, ipods and mp3 players. Production titles include Hand washing, Having a MRI and Dressings for Haemangiomas.

Copying & editing video

We are able to copy and edit your video clips and put them onto your chosen media e.g. DVD, USB sticks. If you require bulk copying and packaging, we can arrange this quickly and easily for you. You must obtain copyright clearance in writing for any materials on which you do not own the copyright. This includes all commercial videotapes and broadcast programs.

Video for Microsoft Powerpoint or Apple Keynote

Including video in presentations is very popular and easier than ever to do. We are able to compress video clips to an appropriate format (e.g. Windows Media, MPEG1, Quicktime) using the best available software and hardware.

Video for websites

We are able take video clips and compress them ready to be included into websites, these can also be delivered in real time from a streaming server, minimising the delays you get when playing a downloaded clip.

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