General Photography

The Health Creatives team also offers general photographic services to IT for SLMS staff, UCL and external clients.

Public relations and corporate

Our creative photographers have an excellent grounding in general and PR photography. This includes photography of buildings, public relations, conferences and lectures, and can be undertaken either on location or in the studio. This type of work can be used to promote a service, product or personnel, and can be used in print or on web pages.

Photography of equipment and still life

Equipment can be photographed to illustrate it’s size, function, or aesthetic appeal. Everything from large installations to the smallest instruments has been captured by our photographic team, and the resulting images used for training, patient information, publication and public relations.

Portrait photography

Individual portraits, Passport and visa photographs Individual photographs are often needed for business purposes and can be done simply and at short notice in our studio.
You can avoid all the hassle of going to a photo booth or having your passport application rejected because of non-compliant photographs, simply by coming to Health Creatives. Where possible, we offer a same day passport service where you will receive a set of photographs at low cost.
Group photographs Group shots are a great way to give participants a permanent record of a course or meeting, or to get all your department members together. They can either be done in our studio or in a location.
Wallboard portraits We take photographs that go into the large framed wallboards displayed in each ward’s reception area. We use high-quality large-scale poster prints inserted into a clip frames that can easily be updated.
Family portraits Being in hospital sometimes makes it difficult to do normal things like having family portraits taken, and not everybody feels comfortable going to a high street photographer. Our portrait sessions, using contemporary portrait styles are relaxed and enjoyable for all those involved.

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