Digital Imaging Services

A number of digital imaging services are available.


The Health Creatives team can undertake most scanning requirements, including slides and negatives, x-rays and flat copy. The resulting files can be saved to a variety of media (CD, DVD or USB sticks), and in an appropriate file format. Further cropping, labelling and manipulation can be carried out as required.

Digital retouching

The photographers and designers have expertise in digital image processing, retouching and manipulation. Dramatic improvements to photographs or artwork can be made by removing blemishes and other unwanted items, improving photographic quality (exposure, contrast, etc.) adding annotation or merging separate images.

Photo quality prints

We have in-house printers up to A0 in size that can print your images to a photo quality standard.

Historical prints

We can supply historical photographs, either as a framed print, or on canvas. A wide selection of images can be viewed in our departments. These are an ideal retirement or leaving present especially when presented with an engraved plaque.

Powerpoint construction

We are able to offer advice and support in the design and construction of PowerPoint presentations e.g. the insertion of photographs and Mpegs movies.

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