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UPDATED - MySQL Central Database Password Storage Format Change

30 April 2014

Further to the communication below, due to unforeseen circumstances, we have not been able to deliver the password reset details towards the end of May. We are currently  re-planning the change and will come back to you again within the next couple of months


As part of the plan to bring all MySQL user passwords to be stored more securely, we will be sending out an email to the existing MySQL users who have their passwords stored in the older format. The email will contain instructions on how to go about, advising MySQL to store the password in the new format/encryption. We are not expecting any application outages but in case of any issues to the application please contact Please await further information and instructions towards the end of May.

Communication Channels
This site will be updated with ongoing developments, so please check this web site for any changes to the above mentioned plan.
Do get in touch by emailing if you have any queries or require any clarifications regarding this email.

Applications affected

• Lecturecast:
• Wiki:
• Squirrelmail:
• Blogs:
• Software Database:
• UCL Advances Video Portal:
• Student Psychological Services student registration system:
• Life Sciences Course Unit Application:
• phpmyadmin:

** PLEASE NOTE that this list DOES NOT include applications and scripts created by end users who manage their own MySQL accounts but they may still be affected by the changes described above. Please await the next email towards the end of May for the details **
*   After the change all passwords should then be stored in the central MySQL server in the MySQL encryption format compliant with version 5.6.14 (current UCL MySQL version).   *

If you are not sure whether your application will be affected or if there are any issues in the running of your applications please contact

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