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Monday 29th September - MySQL Password Reset Reminder

A kind reminder of the plan to bring all MySQL user passwords to be stored more securely, this email is to the existing MySQL users who have their passwords stored in the older format.

Please note that this refers to usernames/passwords used to access the central MySQL service ( ONLY – not your main password for logging into live@ucl email and other central ISD IT services.

Below mentioned instructions are a reminder on how to go about storing the mysql password in the new format/encryption. We are not expecting any application outages but in case of any issues to the application please contact The steps to follow are:
1.      Click on the link below:
2.      The link brings up a page which requests 3 inputs:
•         ‘MySQL user id/name’
•         ‘Current password’
•         ‘Re-type current password’
Please input the relevant details, which is your MySQL userid and your EXISTING password input TWICE.
3.      Once these details are input, click on the button ‘Reset my password’ (available below the input columns).
4.      On clicking, ‘Reset my password’, there should be a message:  “MySQL password changed successfully”. Kindly inform, if you get any other message as there may have been a problem with resetting the password.
5.      All done! The MySQL account should have the password now stored in the new format.


Please Note:

All ISD systems run unattended overnight and at weekends. If they fail services may not be restored until the next working day.

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