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ISD Highlight

UCL Moodle Archive, Imagestore, Lecturecast outage 18th August

The following services will be
UNAVAILABLE between 17:00-19:30 on Mon 18th August 2014
whilst planned system maintenance is undertaken, and should be considered
AT RISK until 09:00 on Tues 19th August 2014.

UCL Moodle Archive (read-only archive of moodle courses from previous years)

UCL Imagestore (UCL Imagestore is an online digital archive of images, read more at

Lecturecast (central lecture recording system)
(no content can be viewed/edited, any new content scheduled to be recorded during this time will be recorded but will not be processed/published until after 09:00 on Tues 19 Aug)

Any centrally hosted video content embedded into systems such as
- UCL Moodle -
- Silva webpages
- UCLeXtend -
- any other centrally hosted video content



Please Note:

All ISD systems run unattended overnight and at weekends. If they fail services may not be restored until the next working day.

ISD Service Desk Opening Hours- 0207 679 5000 ex25000

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Phone calls:

Monday to Friday: 
8.30 - 17.30

Main Service Desk:

Monday to Friday:
9.30 - 17.00

Vacation Time:

Phone calls:
Monday to Friday:

Main Service Desk:
Monday to Friday: