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Problem with Outlook users managing distribution/security groups

Publication date:

There is an issue resulting in Outlook users not being able to manage distribution/security groups within Outlook clients regardless of the version. Trying to add members using the GAL to an owned group results in a permissions error even if the user is an owner.

Lecturecast Outage Thurs 16 Oct 2014

Publication date:

Please note, there will be a short outage of the Lecturecast service between 08:00 - 08:30 (BST) on Thursday 16 October 2014.

UPDATED Issues with desktop@UCL Apps - Monday 13th October

Publication date:

Please be advised there are a number of issues realting to the following apps on desktop@ucl :-

Firefox profiles (fixed) :  We have located the root cause of the issue with Firefox which relates to a policy deployed to the Desktop@UCL Anywhere environment. This has been corrected and Firefox should now load correctly. If you are seeing this issue in Desktop@UCL Anywhere please log off and back on again from your session.

Neuron:  This is a science app. We believe this is working correctly however one feature within it is not functioning. It has a feature to import data files. Just this one feature within the app is not working. A workaround for this feature is provided by using desktop@UCL anywhere.

EDRM Outage- Thursday 16th October

Publication date:

 Due to Oracle database patching there will be an outage of EDRM Production environment.

EDRM will become unavailable 06:45 BST Thursday 16th October 2014.
EDRM will be available again 08:30 BST Thursday 16th October 2014.

ISD Statement: Spamming of UCL students incident 10.10.14

Publication date:

Information Services Division would like to apologise for the large amount of spam email that was sent to students over the last 24 hours. 

Monday 29th September - MySQL Password Reset Reminder

Publication date:

A kind reminder of the plan to bring all MySQL user passwords to be stored more securely, this email is to the existing MySQL users who have their passwords stored in the older format.

Please note that this refers to usernames/passwords used to access the central MySQL service ( ONLY – not your main password for logging into live@ucl email and other central ISD IT services.

Below mentioned instructions are a reminder on how to go about storing the mysql password in the new format/encryption. We are not expecting any application outages but in case of any issues to the application please contact The steps to follow are:
1.      Click on the link below:
2.      The link brings up a page which requests 3 inputs:
•         ‘MySQL user id/name’
•         ‘Current password’
•         ‘Re-type current password’
Please input the relevant details, which is your MySQL userid and your EXISTING password input TWICE.
3.      Once these details are input, click on the button ‘Reset my password’ (available below the input columns).
4.      On clicking, ‘Reset my password’, there should be a message:  “MySQL password changed successfully”. Kindly inform, if you get any other message as there may have been a problem with resetting the password.
5.      All done! The MySQL account should have the password now stored in the new format.

Internet Explorer 6 not Compatible with UCL Home Page

Publication date:

To all Staff WTS 2000 and Cluster WTS users:  please be aware that Internet Explorer version 6 is not compatible with the UCL home page which uses HTML 5.  This may also affect other web sites running HTML 5. The application will freeze while trying to load HTML 5 coded pages.

Staff WTS 2000
Users of Staff WTS 2000 who have their home page set to are advised to change it to an alternative site, such as the ISD home page . Staff can change their default home page under Start > Settings > Control Panel > Internet Options. This will open the internet properties window, within the general tab,  under home page, type the full web site address e.g. and click apply.

Cluster WTS
Users of Cluster WTS can not change their home page in IE6. They are therefore encouraged to use an alternative browser (firefox) or move to the  Desktop@ucl Anywhere service. ISD will investigate the possibility of setting everyone’s home page to the ISD page which is compatible with IE6.

If you require further assistance please contact the ISD Servicedesk.

RSS feeds for ISD News

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Take feeds for the ISD News site.

The IS News site has been set up to enable items to be classified under a number of different categories, each of which has a designated RSS feed associated with it. This means that you can take feeds for the areas that you wish to keep informed about, and omit any that don't interest you.

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RSS feeds for ISD News

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