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Troubleshooting About Wi-Fi

eduroam, the JANET Roaming Service (JRS) *, is a free wireless service which is available throughout UCL and at participating Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). Your home credentials (i.e. UCL userid and password) are required to log on to this service.

To connect to eduroam, use your UCL and password to authenticate.

If this doesn't work, read on...

Are you:

  • Staff/Student at UCL & using eduroam at UCL? See the Connection Guides (requires UCL userid & password).
  • Staff/Student at UCL using eduroam at a participating HE institution? See External Guide.
  • Member of a participating HE institution using eduroam at UCL?  See Visitor Guide.
For Staff or Students returning from holidays or prolonged periods away from UCL, we've created a Returning Check-list to help get you connected again.
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* janet eduroam Web Page

eduroam Federation Web Site