How do I become a Computer Rep?

A Computer Rep is an important link between the Information Services Division (ISD) and the department. The role of the Reps varies in Departments where there are, lots of users the role is demanding. Therefore, if a Rep feels that he/she is unable to take on this Role it is worth making this clear to the department.

In order to become a Computer Rep you must be registered as a user of the UCL Services System. Registration information is available on the Administrative Systems Registration information page.

Once registered you will be able to access:

  • The Services System itself.
  • The Computer Reps Tools.
  • MyAccount Token generations functions.

You will also then be authorised to make additional requests to the Service Desk on behalf of your department, for example to request access to departmental shared network space (S-drive) or for the wireless UCLGuest service.

How do I stop being a Rep? Or remove a rep from my department?

Contact the ISD Service Desk in the first instance and request removal of Reps status. Removal of Reps status will remove your access to the services listed above. Requests can also come from a Departmental Administrator or head of Department if necessary (i.e. “Joe Bloggs is no longer a Rep in our department”) and the same will apply.

What if I need to change the departments that I represent?

All changes to access as a Rep need to be authorised by Head of Department. Complete an additional Services System Registration request for the additional departments you require.

It is also important that you inform the Service Desk when you change departments and will no longer be a Computer Rep.

Note for Departmental Administrators:

If you are registered for the Services System as a Departmental Administrator you will automatically be added to the Computer Reps list. If this is not appropriate for your department (e.g. if you have dedicated IT support staff who act as Computer Reps) contact the UPI support team and we can hide your details from the Reps list. This will not affect your access to Reps tools.