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Sponsor Visitors

UCLGuest is a wireless service specifically designed to provide external visitors with access to the Internet. This service is provided over the existing wireless infrastructure, so wherever eduroam is available, the UCLGuest service is also provided.

  • UCLGuest does not require the installation of any software.
  • UCLGuest can be enabled in all locations where the eduroam wireless service is available.

Sponsoring an external visitor

Only Room Bookings, Departmental Administrators, IT Managers and Departmental Computer Representatives are eligible to create visitor accounts. A full list of authorised sponsors in each department along with contact details can be found here:

If you are unable to find anyone on this list from your department please send a request to for assistance in finding an appropriate sponsor.

External Conference Organisers cannot create accounts themselves so must speak to their UCL contact to organise the visitor accounts.

There are two methods of sponsoring a visitor/visitors to UCL. The method used will depend on the number of visitor accounts to be created.

  • Create an event code for a Conference (suitable for a group of 10 or more visitors).
  • Create individual userids and passwords (suitable for a group of less than 10 visitors).

Visitor Accounts are created using the UCLGuest Manager. Use the guide below to create Visitor Accounts.

Creating Visitor Accounts User Guide