RoamNet Wired Systems VPN Client to Cisco AnyConnect Transition Guide

On Friday 30th March 2012 the RoamNet hardware infrastructure will be retired. Users of the Cisco Systems VPN Client, which is a software application on the client PC, must transition to the alternative Secure VPN Remote Access Service.

To transition, when connected to a RoamNet Wired data socket, and prior to authenticating with the Cisco Systems VPN Client (i.e. the current Phase 3), navigate to the following URL:


Follow the on-screen instructions to automatically install and configure the Cisco Secure Desktop (AnyConnect). More information, including Help and Support, can be found on the Secure VPN Remote Access Service web page:


Once the Cisco AnyConnect software is installed and configured, the Cisco Systems VPN Client software can be uninstalled.


As before, when physically connected to a RoamNet Wired data socket, you need to run the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client software to authenticating your connection to the RoamNet service, and thus accessing the Internet and Network resources (e.g. Email).