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Returning Check-list

Staff or Students returning from holidays or prolonged periods away from UCL may find their device is unable to connect to eduroam. Below is a check-list of common issues.

  • Password Changed: On some devices, specifically Apple IOS devices (i.e. iPhone, iPad, iPod touch), you will not be prompted to input your new UCL password. Subsequent your connection to eduroam will fail. Please refer to the Connection Guides for further information.
  • Certificate Update: On the Monday 2nd July 2012 the eduroam certificate was replaced. The AddTrust Certificate Update page provides further information.
  • WPA2 Enterprise/ AES Encryption Cipher: On Thursday 20th October 2011, support for WPA2 Enterprise/ AES was enabled on eduroam. A majority of clients will automatically re-negotiated using the improved cipher. Clients which are statically configured with WPA1 Enterprise/ TKIP will continue using this cipher until manually re-configured. Please refer to the Connection Guides for more information. There are a number of benefits of using WPA2 including improved security, roaming and connection stability.
  • Connection Guides: If your connection still fails, please refer to the Connection Guides for more information.