Departmental Cluster WTS

Departmental Cluster WTS gives access to the standard Cluster WTS service from departments' own desktop machines which have been designated for student use. This allows departments to provide their own specific applications to their students, while also having the advantage of using the centrally-supported system and applications.

By default, printing is to the central Cluster Mono A4 queue, and printouts can be released in any IS cluster room. Normal print charges apply. Suitable departmentally-owned networked Postscript printers can also be supported (subject to testing). Departmental Cluster WTS does provide some limited support for printing to locally-attached desktop printers. However, local printers can not be included in the IS print charging system.

The service can only be accessed from machines that have been registered with IS for this purpose. Capacity for Departmental Cluster WTS is limited, and IS currently can not guarantee that all requests can be accommodated.

For further information, or to request to register machines for the service, please email the following information to

  • The IP address of the computers
  • The location of the computer
  • Are these computers behind a firewall?
  • What printers you intend to use with Departmental Cluster WTS

Download and Install Departmental Cluster WTS Client Software