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Finding the Information That You Need:

The two best ways to find what you need on the ISD website are the Search ISD box - which uses Google technology to index ISD information and the Infobase - an A-Z list of the services we provide.  There is also a Search UCL option allowing you a broader search across UCL websites.

ISD searches

The Google search updates automatically as new content is added. The Infobase is maintained manually by ISD web editors - if you think that there's something missing, let us know:


You may find it easier to obtain the information you want by using some intelligent searching techniques: specifying file types, detailing exact phrases or general word combinations, using AND/OR operators etc.
A brief guide on how to search the web intelligently (pdf).

Navigating the Site:

There are several ways to navigate the ISD site:


ISD Tabs

The site groups information for Students and Staff under different tabs on the home page. There is also a Community tab for additional information for everyone, including visitors. Click on the appropriate tab heading to select the area of the site you are interested in and look for links to the information you need. Pages have their most common links in a table at the top of the page, so you don't have to read the whole page to find what you're looking for.

Please note: If the tabs do not appear on your browser as shown above, it could be because your browser does not have Javascript enabled.
Please visit our web page which explains how you can re-enable JavaScript in order to be able to navigate the site properly.


ISd Quick Links

The Quick links on the right give access to the most commonly used functions such as logging in to our web-based Squirrelmail and password changing facilities. They are available on all pages.

Links on the left-hand side (below the ISD logo) will change depending on which area of the site you are in. 

Breadcrumb Trail:

ISD Breadcrumb

Under the main banner sits the breadcrumb trail - this allows you to track back through the hierarchy of pages in the site and to see where the page you are visiting is situated in the site. It provides a convenient way to find related information.


We are working to provide different font and background options to improve accessibility. In the meantime you can increase the size of the text by clicking on the appropriate sized 'A' towards the top of the right-hand column.

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