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What is the Services System:

The UCL Services System enables Departmental Administrators and other departmental staff, as nominated by the Head of Department, to request and revoke access to UCL services for members of their department including staff, visitors and, where appropriate, students.

The system has been developed, as part of the UPI (UCL Person Identifier) project, in order to replace various paper based processes that are currently in use to request access to centrally provided services such as: computer accounts, telephone numbers, library access, ID cards and access to buildings. This is in order to provide an easier mechanism to request services than the current paper based systems.

The Services System gives you the opportunity to request services for people associated with your department and also offers you the opportunity to record visitors to the department. You will need to record your visitors if you wish to request services for them as their person information needs to be transferred to the service providers. When you record a visitor you are also assigning a UPI for that person.

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Who uses the Services System?

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