The UCL Directory

The directory contains entries for UCL staff, students and visitors who have either a registered UCL phone number or UCL e-mail account.

The on-line directory, compiled from data obtained via UPI, is located at It can also be searched via the UCL Home Page.

The FAQ on this page should answer most questions you may have about the directory.

Directory Preferences

UCL Staff can use the Directory Preferences page to:

  • control the preferred form of their name (as used across various UCL systems as well as the directory itself).
  • request a change to their telephone number (but see the FAQ below).
  • state which is their preferred user account (if they have more than one).
  • hide a departmental association (if they have more than one).

The Directory updates each night - so your changes will not be reflected until the day after you have made them. More details of how to maintain this information is available from the Directory Preferences page itself.

Using the Directory: Frequently Asked Questions

Preferences: How do I change how my name is displayed?

You can enter preferred versions of your first and last names and combinations of your initials.
Please Note:

  • Different combinations of first name and initials will produce different results - if in doubt, contact the Directory Corrections Team who can advise and/or make the change on your behalf.
  • Name preferences are used by other UCL systems - for example the Research Publications Service and the Service Desk. Other systems will make more use of this information in future.
  • These preferences do NOT change your UCL staff record. HR must record your name as it appears on official documentation. You can also update your "known as" name - i.e. the name HR will use when contacting you - by using the MyView application.

Preferences: How do I set my preferred department?

If you are associated with more than one department, you can choose to Exclude all but your main department. This can be useful for people with staff and student associations or with honorary appointments in a second department.

Preferences: How do I change or add my phone number?

How do I change my phone number?:

The Directory Preferences page allows you to do two things:

  • Hide a phone number if you have more than one - by using the Exclude box.
  • Request a change to your extension - by typing it in the box and Submitting the change. This request is processed by Telecoms whose data then feeds back to the Directory (so a change can take a couple of days to complete).

Note: Phone information comes from the UCL Switchboard system and numbers are only displayed on the Directory once they've been correctly registered there.

How do I register a new phone number?:

Phone details for new members of staff should be registered with the Switchboard by Departmental Administrators - this is so that Telecoms can be clear about which department is paying for phone lines. Registrations can be done in two ways:

  • A Departmental Administrator or departmental Telecoms Rep can register numbers using the Services System.
  • Alternatively, numbers can be registered by contacting the Telecoms team directly.

Preferences: How to I change my e-mail/computer account details?

Users should only have one personal UCL account and this should be associated with a 'friendly' e-mail alias usually comprised of (students will also have their year of enrollment in their alias).

How do I change my e-mail address?

Contact the ISD Service Desk and request a new mail alias. Bear in mind that not all combinations of first/last name and/or initials will be available as they may be in use already or associated with an historical account.

How do I set a preferred UCL computer account?

Some people end up, either deliberately or accidentally, with more than one UCL computer account. The preferred account address is the one used by UCL to contact you or give you access to various systems.

If the 'preferred' account is not the one that you expect, contact the ISD Service Desk. Having multiple accounts attached to a single UPI record can cause problems. You should sepcify which account you prefer to keep so that the other account can be closed or, if need be, converted to a Role Account.

Unfortunately, if you have more than one directory entry (for different departments), it's not possible to set different addresses for each - only the preferred address will be used.

* Systems like RPS and the UCL Service Desk portal will only recognize your preferred user account.

I didn't know I had more than one account. How do I access or delete the other account?

Contact the ISD Service Desk - if you'd like the unused account closed, please quote the User ID that you'll find on the Preferences page.

Mail Forwarding:

If you are using  Live@UCL, you can set up you mail forwarding by following these instructions.

How do I become ex-directory?

More details on the process to follow to have your details removed from the Directory can be found on the dedicated page here.

Who do I contact if I have any other queries?

I receive an error saying "Search Limit Exceeded". Why is this?

For computers registered on the UCL network, there is no limit of the number of searches that can be carried out on the UCL Directory.

For external connections there is a limit of 25 searches per day and a limit on the number of search results that will be displayed. This is to prevent UCL contact details being harvested inappropriately.

If you receive this message when connecting from a computer or device connected to the UCL network, you will need to make sure it is has been correctly registered (a process called Host Registration). Contact your local IT support contact for details or the ISD Service Desk.