Finding UPIs

There are a number of ways to find UPI details:

To find your own UPI:

  • Your UPI is printed on your UCL Identity Card.

To find UPIs for current UCL staff, students and visitors:

If you search for people on the UCL Directory from a computer registered on the UCL network, you can find their UPI under their contact details.

Note: UPIs are not visible on the directory if you search from outside UCL or from a UCL computer that has not been registered with the UCL network (this is a IT administration process that will usually be done by your local IT support staff).

Support staff only:

To find UPI details for leavers, check association statuses, and view UPI details to help resolve user issues, support staff can apply for access to the Find UPI tool. Access to Find UPI is restricted to certain support areas so please contact the UPI Support Team to find out if access to the Tool is appropriate for your area and to request a Registration form.

Support staff from the following areas are included:

  • Library membership staff.
  • ISD Service Desk staff.
  • Other ISD support teams.
  • Security Systems staff.
  • Estates switchboard/helpdesk staff.
  • FIS Helpdesk staff.
  • HR Information Office staff.
  • Portico Services staff.

Find UPI is not generally available to other departments.