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What is "UPI" and where can I find mine?

The UPI (UCL Person Identifier) is a unique identifier assigned to each person which stays with them for the duration of their association with UCL. For example, if a person starts off as a student, becomes a member of staff and later returns as an academic visitor then their UPI remains the same throughout. Once assigned it is attached to all person records that are held in Corporate Support database systems.

UPI also refers to the database system that controls and manages the allocation of UPI codes and the distribution of person data between UCL systems.

So where can I find my UPI?

The best place to look is on your UCL ID card - you'll find your UPI in the bottom left corner.

You can also find the UPI of UCL staff and students by looking on the UCL Directory (though only if you're using a computer registered on the UCL network*)

About the UPI System
The Services System
Information from UPI

The UPI system manages the allocation of UPIs and the transfer of accurate person data between systems.

More information about UPI.

The Services System is a key component of UPI as it's the tool by which departments can record details of their visitors, allocate a UPI to them and then request UCL services for them, be that an ID card, a computer account, library access or a phone line.

Find out more about the Services System here.

Data from UPI is used in a large number of ways:

Phone 59759

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