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What is the T: drive?

All users are allocated an area on the central Email-Unix filestore (in addition to their N: drive). This is known as the T: drive.

This area of the filestore contains your email data (if you are an IMAP user), personal web pages under directories and any Unix files (which may be created if you have used Unix software). POP users email will continue to be stored on drive N:

Note that live@ucl email is NOT stored in the UCL filestore but is hosted elsewhere - thus it won't take up any of your quota space on this part of the UCL Central Email/Unix filestore.

This area will be accessed automatically by the various email clients, and most users won't need to access these files directly. Email attachments will also go to this area of the filestore while they are held as part of the email message. However, if you explicitly save an attachment, the save will put the resultant file on the Central Windows Filestore drive N: by default.

Accessing your T: drive

You will not automatically see the T: drive listed under My Computer or Windows Explorer however you can ask for this drive to be displayed on WTS if you wish by using the utility Map Central Email-Unix Filestore (T-drive). To run this select Start -> Programs -> Utilities -> Map Central Email-Unix Filestore (T-drive). You will then be able to access the T: drive in the same way as you access other drives available on WTS.

Please note: You cannot mount your T: drive from a non-IS managed computer unless you access it via WTS.