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Creating PDF files with Assistant

You can create PDF files using the PDF Create Assistant which is available as part of the Nuance PDF Professional 7 software package. It allows you to create PDF files from one or more source files. You can:

  1. Create one PDF per file
  2. Combined files into one single PDF
  3. Overlay multiple files into one PDF document

To start the application -

  • Desktop@UCL PC & Anywhere users: Launch the Citrix Receiver. Click on the plus '+' button> Applications O-P > PDF Create Assistant. Select the application and it will pin to your Storefront.
  • Launch the application.

The following window will appear:

Main Screen Dialogue Box
Add Button Click on the Add button to browse for files or drag-and-drop files from Window Explorer into the list area.
Delete Buton Click on the Delete button to remove selected files from the list. This removes the file link from the list, it doesn't delete the file itself.
Up Down Button Click the Up and/or Down arrow buttons to re-arrange the file sequence in the list. Files will be placed in the PDF in the listed order if you choose to combine the files into one single PDF.
Clear Button Click the Clear button to remove all the files from the list.
Assemble Icon

The Assemble selection drop-down list allows you to choose whether you want to:

- create a PDF for each input file
- combine files into a single PDF or
- overlay files

Profile Icon
 Select a profile from the Profile selection box
  • You can modify an existing profile or create a new one if necessary by clicking on the Profiles... button:
Profile Screen
  • Click on this button to start creating PDFs.

    PDF Creation Button

    • You will be prompted to save the PDF files.
    • The Print Info dialog box will then appear, listing the input and output files and showing the conversion
      status. You can double-click any PDF name to view the created PDF.

      Print Info