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Converting PDF files with Assistant

The PDF Converter 7 Assistant can be used to to convert PDF files into editable documents for Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Word Perfect or in Rich Text Format.

  • Desktop@UCL PC & Anywhere users: Launch the Citrix Receiver. Click on the plus '+' button> Applications O-P > PDF Converter 7 Assistant. Select the application and it will pin to your Storefront.
  • Launch the application.
Start up Screen
  • Click on the Open icon  to open the PDF file(s) to be converted. 
Open Icon
  • The names of the file(s) you've chosen will appear on the right panel and the first page of the selected file will appear in the Preview panel. 
Selected PDF
  • If you've added several files to the list, click the Move Up tool to move a selected file upwards or the Move Down tool to move it downwards in the file list. The file order may be important if you want to save the result into one file.
  • You then need to choose the processing mode. The default processing mode is Standard Document. To select a processing mode use the Options menu or the dropdown list of the Mode tool .

    Mode Icon

    There are four modes you can choose from:

  • When you select a particular processing mode, the settings panel for the chosen mode will be displayed. Change the settings as desired.
Processing modes Characteristics of the document type
Standard Document The pages have body text and maybe titles, columns, tables and pictures. E.g. business letters, newspaper articles.
Legal The pages have single-column text, and might contain pleading numbers in the left margin.
Spreadsheet The pages contain mainly tables or spreadsheets (with a tabular layout). E.g. financial sheets, inventories.
Form The pages have spaces, edit boxes, comb boxes, checkmarks and similar elements for collecting information. E.g. application forms
  • Select the Output format. There are four output formats you can choose from namely Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, Microsoft Excel or Rich Text Format. To select an output format, use the Options menu or the drop down list of the Output tool .

    Output Icon

    The default output format is Microsoft Word.

Output format Suitable for:
Microsoft Word Standard Document, Legal and Form 
WordPerfect Standard Document and Legal
Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet
Rich Text Format Standard Document, Legal and Form
  • To convert a particular file, click on the file to highlight it then click the Convert Selected icon

    Convert Selected Icon

    or select Selected File from the Convert menu.

  • To convert all the files in the file list, click Convert All

    Convert All Icon

    or select All Files from the Convert menu.

  • Two progress bars should appear after the conversion process has been started. The first progress bar indicates the progress per file. The second progress bar shows how many pages are already processed compared to all pages to be converted.

    Conversion in Progress Screen
  • Once the conversion process has been completed, the result file should be displayed and the file will automatically be saved in your N: Drive.