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USB Guide

Using USBs

When you log in, plug your USB key into the port on your Desktop@UCL PC.  A message will appear stating that your device is ready to use.

Device ready message

You may then get a pop-up box which will give you a few options. You will need to select the option 'Open folder to view files'.

Menu option to view files on usb device

Removing your USB key

To remove the key, you must eject the device first. You can find the USB icon in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

USB icon displaying in system tray

However if the USB icon is hidden, please follow these instructions.

In the system tray, you will need to select the arrow to show hidden icons. 

Display hidden icon menu

The following box will pop up.

Eject usb device

Select the USB icon and a list of removable storage devices will be displayed.

Eject usb menu options

Select the storage device you wish to eject. Once you have done this, you will see a message displayed to show that the 'device can now be safely removed from the computer'

Device safe to remove message

Encrypted Memory Sticks

Desktop@UCL  supports the following Encrypted devices:

Data Shur iStorage Secure USB Flash Drive

This is a PIN activated device and for User Guidance see

The Data Shur device can be purchased from ISD Purchasing (link)

NHS - Kanguru Defender Basic Encrypted Flash Drive

User Guidance

Only available to UCLH staff

NHS  - Blockmaster USB SafeStick

Only available to UCLH staff