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Desktop@UCL PC Customisation

What's on the desktop?

Computer Shortcut

Computer: Clicking on this will give you access to all available drives. Precisely what you will see depends on your current association with UCL. But you will have access to Windows filestore drives and devices such as removable storage e.g USBs and CDs.

Internet Explorer Shortcut Internet Explorer: Web browser software. Mozilla Firefox is also available as an alternative under Start > All Programs > Mozilla Firefox.
My Documents Shortcut My Documents: This icon give you quick access to your files on the Windows Filestore (N:). All users will have access to their personal N: drive by default.

The Quick Launch Bar

Quick launch bar

This will give you quick access to default programs such as:

  • Internet explorer
  • File explorer
  • Windows Media Player

The image may be slightly different to what you see on your desktop but you can customise it to suit your needs. 

Customising your desktop

Changing the screen resolution

To change your screen resolution on a Desktop@UCL PC, right click anywhere on the desktop and it will display a menu which will give you available options. Click on 'Screen Resolution' from this set of options. 

Menu showing screen resolution option

Click on the drop down arrow next to the resolution option and move the arrow to adjust the resolution to your requirements. 

Screen resolution options

Once you have selected the appropriate resolution, click on 'Apply'. You will get another window asking if you want to keep the current display settings. If you are unsure, you can click on the 'Revert' option to keep the previous settings.