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Desktop@UCL Anywhere FAQs

Do I have to have Citrix Receiver installed on my computer or device to use Desktop@UCL Anywhere or Desktop@UCL Apps?

Yes you do.  Please follow these instructions to install and configure Citrix Receiver on your device

Why do I receive a ‘Session Time Out’ message?

For security reasons, your Desktop@UCL Anywhere session has a timeout in place. If your session has been inactive for 2 hours, it will automatically log you out. You will need to log back in to continue your work.

Do I lose my work when my session times out? 

No, the session will appear once you log back in. However, if after a further 2 hours you have still not accessed the session, it will timeout and all unsaved work will be lost. To prevent this, please make sure you save your work regularly. 

How can I find my Apps in the Citrix Receiver?

To access Apps through the Citrix Receiver, please see the Apps guide.

Where should I save my work?

When you log into the Desktop@UCL PC, you will have access to your own Windows filestore (N: drive) via the Computer icon. By default any work you create when using an application in Desktop@UCL will be saved on the N: drive.

Can I save to the desktop?

You can but this is not advised.  You should save documents to your N: Drive where they will be backed up every night.

It is also advisable to save your documents in more than one location. Other recommended places are:

  • Online Storage
  • USB Memory Sticks
  • CD

I am unable to find documents I had saved on the desktop for either Myriad or WTS.

Your documents were saved during the upgrade process and can still be accessed on your N: drive.  (except Remote Cluster WTS)

You can access your documents by clicking on the Computer icon on your Desktop@UCL PC and locating the relevant folder on your N: drive.

  • Staff WTS 2010: N:\PCSettings\WTSDesktop2010
  • Staff WTS 2000: N:\PCSettings\WTSDesktop
  • Myriad: N:\rdrive\Myriad\Desktop

I am unable to locate the 'My Work' folder

Depending on the system you was using you can access your My Work folder via the following locations:

  • Staff WTS 2000: N:\mywork
  • Staff WTS 2010: N:\mywork
  • Remote Cluster WTS: N:\rdrive\wts\mywork
  • Myriad: N:\rdrive\wts\mywork

Can I mount the T: drive in the Citrix Receiver?

This option is not available however you can access it via the Full Desktop. To do this, go to 'Start>All Programs>Utilities>Map T: Drive'.

What Apps are available for access on the Citrix Receiver?

Please go to the Available Applications page.

The software I require is not available - how do I request new or updated software?

If the application or version is not available, you can request new software

I am unable to locate Word 2013 in the all programs list, how can I find it?

Some of the more common programs you use will be listed under the name of the software provider. For example Word 2013 will be found under Microsoft Office 2013. Some further examples are:

  • Dreamweaver - 'Adobe'
  • Photoshop Elements - 'Adobe'

Browsers such as Firefox and Internet Explorer can be found under 'Browsers'.

The N: drive on my user area shows that I have 1.82 TB of space, is this correct?

The total amount of space you see available is for all users. To check how much space you are using please go to:

What is my storage allowance as a student?

If you are an undergraduate, you will get 250MB and if you are a postgraduate, you will get 1GB.  For further information, see the  Central Filestore page.

When I launch Office I have noticed that I have a Onedrive (formerly Skydrive), can I use it?

Yes you can use it, but please note that this storage is not supported by UCL.