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Citrix Receiver Installation for Windows 7 & 8 (Non-UCL Computer)

Configuring the Citrix Receiver

You will only need to complete this the first time you want to login to the Desktop@UCL environment on each device that you have. Each login after this has been completed will just require you running the Receiver and logining into the environment.

Configuring from the StoreFront web site

Open a web browser and go to the following URL, Depending on whether you are on or off campus you will be directed to different websites as shown below.

On Campus Access

If you are accessing the service on campus you will see the following login screen:

On Campus access

Off Campus Access

Off campus access

Login using your UCL User ID and password. Once logged in the below will be displayed.

Off Campus access, add apps

Click on the little upside down triangle next to your username in the top bar of the web page and select activate. If the below is displayed click open.


Prompt 2

Then click add to the above. Once that is completed the Receiver configuration will be completed and the Citrix Receiver login box will appear as below.

Log in

Enter your UCL ID and password then click login and you will be logged into the Citrix Receiver.

favorite apps

Once logged in the above will be displayed and you will be able to click on the plus icon on the left of the application. This will allow you to add applications to your Citrix Receiver desktop, you can then run Apps or Desktop@UCL Anywhere from here.