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If you have any queries related to the service please contact the Service Desk.

Desktop@UCL is the new Desktop Service which is now available in all Learning and Teaching spaces, including Cluster Rooms, Lecture Theatres and Halls of Residence.

The service offers:

  • Access to your Apps anywhere / anytime via web access and from your own device
  • Latest applications including Microsoft Office 2013
  • New Print@UCL Service
  • 250MB of storage for Undergraduates and 1GB for Postgraduates
  • Visitor log in
Details Where User Guide
Desktop@UCL PC
Full ISD Managed Desktop.
Cluster rooms, Lecture Theatres, Kiosk PCs
Desktop@UCL PC User Guide
Desktop@UCL Anywhere
Access your full desktop from anywhere from your own computer or the web
Remote access on and off campus.
Desktop@UCL Anywhere User Guide
Desktop@UCL Apps
Access applications on your own device
On and off campus
Desktop@UCL Apps User Guide