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IT Purchasing Service Microsoft Campus Agreement -Staff can get Microsoft products at a reduced price for using your UCL login id and password.
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We advise you to download the version you are being taught in and not the latest version. You should also contact your local IT Support when updating Windows or Office.

The Software Database allows you to login using you UCL user name and password and enables you to obtain free of charge, any site-licensed software to which you are already entitled. Other chargeable software is also available for departments. The website contains useful information about the software that is available to you from the University, including descriptions of the software and its capabilities, the terms & conditions of the licenses which you will need to be aware of to use the software legally.

Please ensure when downloading any files bigger than 4GB your File system is a NTFS and not FAT32, if not please download to a USB file. No Support is given to the installation of software on these pages.

University Account Codes (paying for chargeable software)

Members of staff can use a valid University internal account code to obtain those software licenses which are not free. You will need to send an Electronic IDT or Paper IDT to Software sales - Information Systems before you have access. We have added a screen shot on the best way to send an Electronic IDT.

WTS/Desktop@UCL software

Request New software for Staff WTS 2010

Request New Software/Versions for Desktop@UCL


A quick glance at software available to students.


Software Database user guide

Mounting an ISO

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