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Silva Intermediate

NB This course will soon be removed and replaced by the Silva 'Plus' course - the last Silva Intermediate course will be run in January 2014 - date to be added

Description: This is an intermediate course for those who wish to add to their basic Silva editing skills. You will get revision exercises, learn about UCL attributes, more on images, adding left- and right-columns to the template, anchors, and links to Iris or RPS.


You should be reasonably confident in using IT. An understanding of basic web-design would also be helpful. It is essential that you have recently (in the last 6 months) attended the Introducing the Silva CMS course or have been using Silva regularly and it is highly recommended that you practise using Silva in order to consolidate what you have learned on the introductory course before proceeding to this course.
For those with 'rusty' Silva skills, we highly recommend you redo the Introducing the Silva CMS course again.


  • revision (adding home link, files etc.)
  • working with UCL attributes
  • adding columns to the template
  • more on images
  • anchors
  • links to IRIS/RPS (publications)

Delivery:  Trainer-Led

This is a trainer-led 2-hour session.

To see when the next session of this course is running, please check our training calendars: