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Dreamweaver 8: self paced training


This courses introduces you to the Dreamweaver web site development package which enables you to create and manage websites.

Some parts of this course refer specifically to creating websites at UCL and we have tried to make it clear when this is the case.


You should have a basic understanding of Windows and be familiar with at least one standard Windows application (eg Microsoft Word).  You will also need to have a basic understanding of navigating websites.


Delivery:  self-paced

This is a self-paced course which you can complete either on your own or at an IT drop in session.  To get advice on how to use these materials effectively visit our self-paced materials guide page.

The tutorial sequence guides you in studying the course materials - an on-line PDF - and provides exercises for you to practise and consolidate what you learn.  The exercises do not cover all the material in the manual and while you study you should use Dreamweaver and follow the explanations as you go.

If you wish you can also print all the exercises for reference.

We also provide links to supporting material from other sources both text and multimedia.  This is supplementary material and you do not need to view it to complete the course successfully.

To view video material provided by VTC please first register with TARA


The manuals for the course are linked to individual tutorials but in case you wish to download or print them, the full versions are also available as a link below.

The data files required for exercises can be downloaded as a zip file below. 

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