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Web Development

UCL now offers quite different web authoring tools for creating web pages: Silva, a Content Management System (CMS),  Notepad++ a text editor suitable for manually creating or editing web pages/sites, and Dreamweaver, an application for creating web pages.

Why use Silva?

If you are not sure about your IT skills, we strongly recommend Silva over Dreamweaver. Silva is ideal for users who want to build a website quickly and those who need to make small changes regularly and have no time to learn more complex software like Dreamweaver, e.g. academics who would like to update their personal webpage(s) on a regular basis, researchers who need to contribute a page each to an overall website etc. Another advantage of Silva is the possibility of offering different access levels to users e.g. restrict access to certain groups of users within a department etc. It is also very simple to apply the UCL template and achieve a consistent look and feel across a site.

Why use Notepad++?

All websites are created using HTML and CSS, some websites also use scripts.  By using Notepad++ to create web pages/sites manually you can avoid the inclusion of unnneccessary data in your file generated by applications such as Dreamweaver and improve your understanding of how web pages/sites are constructed. 

The Introduction to HTML and CSS course will help you develop a valuable marketable and tarnsferable new job skill, creating and maintaining websites by introducing you to the underlying technologies and associated standards used to create them.  This course  is recommended for those users who are more competent in IT and who need to build or maintain web pages/sites.  We currently offer trainer-led courses introducinh HTML and CSS.

Why use Dreamweaver?

Dreamweaver is one of the most powerful commercial HTML editors. This course will help you to develop a valuable marketable new job skill, create professional-looking websites and reduce the time it takes to create and maintain websites. Dreamweaver is recommended for those users who are more competent in IT and who need to build more complex web pages/sites. Dreamweaver allows more flexibility and creativity in your web page design. We currently offer self-paced materials for Dreamweaver 8.

Trainer-led courses

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