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Introduction to Unix

Description: This course is designed as a beginners guide to the Unix and Linux operating systems which have long been popular in academic contexts. Because of its inbuilt strengths in network computing, multi-threading, multi-user computing, Unix forms one of the back bone technologies of the World Wide Web and Linux is becoming increasingly popular as an operating system on desktop computers. The course covers the most basic and frequently used Unix / Linux commands and introduces important concepts in security and managing your computing environment.


Candidates should have good basic personal computer skills (keyboarding; using the mouse) and will find a basic understanding of concepts such as files and folders useful.


  • What is Unix?
  • Types of Unix
  • Files and processes
  • The Directory Structure
  • Managing Files and Directories
  • Understanding pathnames
  • Working with Files on the screen
  • Searching the contents of a file
  • Redirecting Output
  • Wildcards
  • Getting Help
  • File system security (access rights)
  • Processes and Jobs
  • Variables

Delivery:  Trainer Led

This is a three hour trainer led session.

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