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SPSS is a well established statistical and data analysis package available on various computer systems within UCL. SPSS has a wide range of facilities for data manipulation and offers many procedures for statistical analysis. This course provides an introduction for new users of SPSS.

We currently offer two SPSS courses, Introduction to SPSS and Practical SPSS

In the past we have offered Introduction to SPSS as a six-hour (all day) classroom based course with demonstrations and practical exercises. 

From February 2014 we are offering Practical SPSS.  In this new course, participants will do some pre-classroom learning to master the functionality of SPSS.  They will then attend a classroom session and work through a practical challenge to consolidate their learning and explore any issues raised.

For more details please follow the links below.  Note that Introduction to SPSS is not being offered in Term 2 2013 - 14.