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Guide to using self-paced materials

What kinds of materials do we have?

There are several kinds of materials provided for self tuition.  Among these are

  • PDF manuals for courses
  • PDF exercises for courses
  • Data files for courses and exercises
  • Web pages that present course materials and exercises sequentially

    • supplementary video material
    • supplementary web based materials
  • Video courses

Our web based courses

We present some of our course materials as sequenced web pages with links to specific learning materials (both our course manuals and supplementary material from other providers), exercises for each topic and occasionally extra guidance where necessary.

We hope that you can follow these courses without needing assistance and you can access the materials through any web browser.  Some materials are only available to UCL staff and students and  you will need your UCL user-id and password to access them.

Following a self paced course

In most cases it is best to follow material in sequence but if you do want to learn about a specific topic each course has a linked table of contents on the course home page.

Before following a course you will need to download the compressed data files (zip files) from the course home page.

The intended pattern for study is

  1. read the core material provided as a link - usually to a PDF document and sometimes to a web page
  2. complete the exercise - usually a practical exercise using the software and occasionally a 'pencil and paper' task.  For these exercises we provide data files where necessary.
  3. optionally study any background materials.  These are provided to contextualise what you learn or provide learning not covered by the core materials.

Supplementary video material

We sometimes link to video material from VTC software training.  Some of these materials are accessible to anyone but UCL users have access to the full range of videos if they first register.

Drop-in sessions

If you want help or would like some support in following the self-paced materials, you can attend a drop-in session.