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Introduction to programming with Java

Description: This is a beginners course. The aim is to introduce participants to practical programming techniques in Java. The course consists of five trainer-led sessions introducing the constructs of the Java language and their use in programs, and five practical sessions during which participants will practise the techniques and carry out an extended programming task. Participants will be asked to commit to attending the whole of this course and should not register if they cannot or do not wish to complete.

Intended Audience

This course is aimed at people who are new to programming.  It is not suitable for people who already have basic programming skills wishing to cross-train in Java.


You must be able to make all 5 day sessions.


  • Elements of Java programming
  • The Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • -  The Java development community
  • Object Orientated programming
  • Variables, data types
  • Input/output
  • Program control

Delivery:  Trainer Led

This is a trainer-led course delivered over 5 days.

To see when the next session of this course is running, please check our training calendars:


  • To be provided