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Polished presentations in 10 steps

Description: This course, run by trainers from London School of Economics, shows you how to create a new PowerPoint 2010 presentation with the minimum of effort.  You will learn how to convert a Word outline into a presentation with a consistent colour scheme and animated bullet points.  You will also learn tips on how to run your finished presentation in a professional manner.


Basic understanding of Word, including editing and formatting text.  Basic understanding of PowerPoint, including saving a new presentation, editing text and creating a new slide.


  • convert an outline in Word into a PowerPoint presentation in a few quick steps
  • convert a text slide into a title slide
  • apply a template and colour scheme to format the presentation
  • add animation, making bullet points appear one at a time
  • successfully run a presentation, shifting the focus back and forth between you and the slides by temporarily blacking out the screen at will

Delivery:  this is a trainer-led 90-minute session


  • Files (password-protected)
  • Manual (password-protected)