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Self-paced courses and materials

Most of our course materials can be worked through at your own pace.  There is usually a manual explaining how to use the application and a set of tasks which can be completed using the work files (also available for download in zip form).

Self-paced courses

Some of our courses have been specifically reworked into self-paced versions.  Each task is on a different page and there are links to sections of the manual for you to study before completing each task.  Additional resources such as video tutorials or external websites are included for further study.  The tasks and manual can also be printed.

Modular self-paced materials

The following externally-sourced materials are also available for self-study as stand-alone 'chapters' or modules which you can work through in any order.  At the end of each chapter there are practice exercises to consolidate your learning and a quick reference to remind you of key points you have covered.  The materials can be viewed online or printed off according to your personal preference.