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Further statistical measures and tests in Excel 2010


This course is aimed at competent Excel users who are already familiar with basic functions and would like to use Excel for more sophisticated statistical analysis. It aims to introduce you to more built-in Excel statistical functions; the functions in the analysis tool pak and to consolidate your skill in building complex formulae by hand. The course covers major descriptive measures, some parametric tests, chi-square testing of association and regression.

Note that this course can be completed by people using Excel 2007.  There are some differences between the two versions but most features are the same.


Good basic understanding of Windows and and a good understanding of creating formulae with Excel is essential.  Attendees should be comfortable with basic statistical techniques, including significance testing.


  • Activating the analysis tool-pak
  • Descriptive statistics
  • Comparing means (for two groups)
  • The chi-square test
  • Computing regression coefficients
  • Regression using the tool-pak

Delivery:  Self-paced

Trainer led sessions are no longer available for Excel 2010, see Excel 2013.
The resources listed below can be used for self-paced learning.Resources: