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Pivot Tables in Excel 2010


Pivot Tables allow you to organise and summarise large amounts of data by filtering and rotating headings around your data. This course also shows you how to create Pivot Charts.

Note that this course can be completed by people using Excel 2007.  There are some differences between the two versions but most features are the same.


Participants should have a good understanding of techniques used to manage large worksheets such as filtering and sorting.


  • examples of Pivot Table
  • creating a Pivot Table
  • rearranging data in a Pivot Table
  • summarising data in different ways
  • formatting data
  • changing display options
  • grouping data
  • sorting and filtering data
  • creating Pivot Charts

Delivery:  Self-paced

Trainer led sessions are no longer available for Excel 2010, see Excel 2013.
The resources listed below can be used for self-paced learning.Resources: